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Introducing Tara & Shaun Antle

I’d like to introduce you to my beautiful wife, Tara, my adorable son, Ethan and myself, Shaun Antle. We have been married for going on 7 years and Ethan was born in May of 2011. Tara and I grew up in Sarnia and have always had a love for the arts. Tara has been a dancer (highland, ballet, jazz, modern and lyrical) since she was 4 years of age and I have been playing many different instruments as well as singing since the age of 4. We also both worked for the Canon Theatre in Toronto in our dating years and have visited many different galleries all over Canada and the USA.

The reason we made a decision to give to the JNAAG was due first and foremost to our love of the arts, but secondly to our love of Sarnia Lambton. We saw the potential that this gallery could bring from jobs to volunteering to promoting and facilitating programs for our children to grow up and explore the arts and learn to be creative.

Sarnia Lambton is rich with history especially in the artistic industry. The gallery is an inspiration in itself from its humble beginnings to its now amazing location and new building. The staff and volunteers at the gallery are outstanding.  My wife and I are hoping to utilize the gallery for its many programs for families and children.

We, as you can imagine, are just starting out in our careers and marriage and as parents, so having a lot of liquid cash to give away isn’t all that easy. Through working at Fabien Jagoo & Associates Inc. and utilizing my expertise in life insurance and wealth management we were able to come up with a solution that would enable us to be a part of this great endeavour.

We decided that the best way we could donate was through a permanent life insurance policy. It’s effective and cost efficient. When we pass away, we get to leave a legacy that will live on in Sarnia Lambton. It’s a small way to make a big difference.

More importantly though is our spirit of helping and giving back which is really the main driver for our desire to get involved. We currently are involved in many different avenues within Sarnia Lambton from “Community 4 Hope” (recently founded by ourselves and 3 others) to getting involved in local charity events like the MS Walk, Big Brother & Big Sister Curl for Kids and our annual CF BBQ with the Jagoo Family. We also plan on getting involved with the Imperial Theatre in the near future.

Please take the opportunity to learn how you can give back to this community via the Gallery and if you would like to discuss options such as what we have done, please don’t hesitate to contact myself or our team here at Fabien Jagoo & Associates Inc.