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Donors Gallery

A heartfelt thank you to all of our donors!        


Visionaries  $100,000 +

Benefactors  $50,000 - $74,999

Leaders $25,000 - $49,999

Supporters $10,000 - $24,999

Partners $5,000 - $9,999

Friends $0 - $4,999



Judith & Norman Alix - $1.5 Million


Norman and Judith Alix, who graciously 
donated $1.5 million dollars to the gallery's
Capital Campaign!                                         




Jane Hunter, co-chair of the Gallery Lambton                          
Capital Campaign is pictured with Milly
Steeves& John Rozema.  Steeves & Rozema
Enterprises Ltd. donated $50,000 to the campaign.                                           



Visionaries ($100,000 +)

County of Lambton Councillors and Employees
Sarnia Construction Association
John, Judy and Terry Biehn - naming the Permanent Collection Gallery
the - J. Telford Biehn Family Gallery




Freedom 55 001cc

December 2010 - Freedom 55 Financial -
A $30,000 gift to the Gallery.
Pictured left to right: Representatives
from Freedom 55 A Division of London
Life Matt McNeil and Pete Arsson; Lisa Daniels,
Curator and John McNeill, Freedom 55



Benefactors ($50,000 - $74,999)

Enbridge Pipelines Inc.
Steeves and Rozema Enterprises Ltd.
The Fairbank Family
Thomas and Maxine Kenny




February 2011 - Scotiabank Group announces a
$25,000 gift to the Gallery.
Left to right: Warron Parrot, Community
Branch Manager; Carol Rondeau, Manager
Professional & Business Banking; Sylvia Foreman,
Co-Chair Capital Campaign; D'Arcy Aikman,
Client Relationship Manager



Leaders ($25,000 - $49,999)

BDO Canada Inc.
Carl and Marlene Keddy
Freedom 55 Financial, a division of London Life Insurance Company
George Murray Shipley Bell, LLP
Scotiabank Group
Shaun and Tara Antle
The Gordon Foundation
The Walter J. Blackburn Foundation
Worley Parsons, Sarnia Division

 Ontario Power2

October 6, 2010 Pictured left to right: Phil Stevens
of OPG, Lisa Daniels, curator and Honorary
Chair Jim Burns.


Supporters ($10,000 - $24,999)

Ariel Lyons
Blackburn Radio Inc.
Dr. N. Leonard Segall and Ms. Marilyn Mason 
Fargher Family
Gentrac Building Corporation
James Hazzard
Jeff Burchill and Anne West
Jim and Tara Burns
Joan and Graham Sweeney
Lambton Motors, Harold Hall / Rob Ravensberg
MIG Engineering Ltd./Marty and Pamela Raaymakers
NOVA Chemicals
Ontario Power Generation - Lambton Generating Station
Sylvia Foreman
The Estate of Alice Fischel 




Partners ($5,000 - $9,999)

Ann Tuplin
April and Murray James
Blue Water Bridge Authority
Mary Cameron Nethery
Sandra (Irvine) Pearson
BP Canada Energy Company
Carl E. Fleck Q.C and Pascale Daigneault
Chris and Peg Dawkins
Chris and Jenny Greensmith
Dave and Leila Boushy
David Haines Johnston and Pamela Hansen
Don and Jane Hunter
Don and Anne McGugan
Dr. Drew and Janet Mathany
Dr. Mark and Mrs. Heather Cornelious
Dr. Ronald Egedahl
Firman and Nancy Bentley
Frank Cowan Company Ltd.
Gordon and Patricia Catterson
Gary Ingram
Gerard and Elizabeth Kenny
Grant and Cheryl McKenzie
Greg and Betty Bond
Ian McLean and Pamela Seaton McLean
Ian and Janice Veen
In Memory of W.H. Kenny





In Loving Memory of Dr. James and Rena Coulter
IODE Hon. Norman Rogers Chapter
Jane Austin 
Jill and Tony Magermans
Jillian Holmes
John and Cheryl Degroot
Ken and Dorothy Burchill
Kristi and Scott Sills
Lisa J. Daniels
Lonny and Carolyn Napper
Mark Potvin
Mary and Don Hislop
Mary Cameron Nethery
Ms. Deanna Sandrin
Modderman/Slakmon Family
Nick and Lise Anic
Norm Barney
Patricia Moloy McLean
Ronald Van Horne
Sarnia Artists Workshop
Sonia Kostaniuk
Steve Arnold, Warden 2011 - 2012
Susan and Denis Lajoie
Tom Holmes and Kirsten Kilner Holmes
Tony Barrand and Patricia Mancini
William and Jacquline Walters




Friends ($0 - $4,999)

Andrew Taylor
Al and Marian McLean
Alexia Gladdy
Alan and Dorothy Carr
Alice and Ronald Stevenson
Allan and Nell McDowell
Allan McPhee
Alice Fischel
Angela and Iain Baxter
Ann Horodyski
Anna Madajczuk
Anne Bush
Anne Lukicek
Anne and Rauf Khan
Anne Tymstra
Audrey and Bernard Hendrickson
Aurette McGarrity
Badder Bus Services
Barry Uitvlugt
Beth Morrish
Betty Alexander
Betty Dee Black
Betty Youson
Bev and Eric MacDougall
Bev Snobelen
Beverley Takaoka
Beverly Martin
Bill and April Beattie
Bill and Abra Mastenbroek
Bill and Mary Christie
Bill Menheere
Blair and Verylene Graham
Bob and Carol Kennedy
Bonnie Lavergne
Bonnie Moore
Bonnie Parker
Brad and Patti Wyville
Brenda and Mark Woolston
Brian and Alana Halfpenny
Brian and Sharon Davies
Brigitte James
Brock and Nancy Pullen
Bryan and Stephanie Trothen
Carol A. Beaven
Carol Columbus
Carol O'Grady
Carole Waddell
Carolyn J. Gaviller
Carolyn Harris
Carolyn Jamieson
Carrie and Ken Bulgin
Catherine Joyce
Cathy Groulx
Central Forum
Charlene McMahon
Charles Fisher - Sun Life Financial
Cheryl Millar
Chris Doyle
Cindy Simmons
Connie Bell
Connie Mallette
County of Lambton – Financial Services Division
County of Lambton – Library Headquarters and Administration
County of Lambton - Social Services Division - Jean Day, Thursday April 21, 2011
Dagmar Vrkljan
Dana Johnson
Daphne and Ken Clark
Darlene Falls
Darryn Doull
David Moynihan
David and Kathleen Rath
David and Marianne Nichols
David and Josephine Cohen
David Cummings
David and Elizabeth Moore
Darlene Coke
Den and Lynne Shannon
Diane Geis
Diane and Larry Lecour
Diane and Scott Trinder
Diane Noble - In memory of Edward James Brett
Dick Kirkland
Dini Natha
Dolores Bichard
Donald and Virginia Elliott
Don Phillips
Donna Rosenberger
Donna Thomson
Doreen Blake
Dorothy Plumley
Dorothy Acton
Dr. John and Ellen Murphy
Dr. John and Leah Butler
Dr. Kathryn Wakely
Dr. Marcel Paiement

Dr. Max Kemmerling
Dr. Ron Egedahl
Dr. and Mrs. M. Perchanok
John Duff Limited
E. Avalon Hamlin
Edna Daughtry
Edna McKegney
Edythe Seeley
Eileen and Joe Viola
Eileen Zinn
Elaine Dejong
Elizabeth Rogers
Esme Gander
Esther Cohen
Eva Doyle
Frances Buczko
Frances Oulahen
Frank and Mabel Higgins
Gallery in the Grove
Gayle and Harry Dunlop
Gayle and Thomas Rodger
Gene and Judy Fleet
George and Diane Werezak
George and Janet Allan
George and Diane Werezak
Girls from the Neighbourhood 
Glenn and Connie Ogilvie
Gordon and Margaret Perry
Gordon and Wendy Miller
Grace and Mort White
Grace Vermeer
Grace United Church Adult Fellowship
Grogan Family Fund
Hazel Millholland
Heather Houle
Helen and Bruce Selman
Helen and Ray Hutchings 
Henry and Janet Regis
Honourable Patricia Davidson and William Davidson
Honourable Roger and Mrs. Jane Gallaway
Howard Lucas
Hume Communications Inc. 
Ian and Christine McGuinness
Ian and Julie Campbell 
Ian and Marlis Saunders
Ian Woodley 
In Memory of Barbara Berkoff Dean
In memory of my wife Marian Solomo
In memory of Dorothy Ringer
In memory of Kathleen Mitchell
In memory of Laura Wagner
In memory of Charlie Fader
In memory of Elizabeth Russell
In memory of Durance and Robson Family
In memory of Reverend Douglas Freeman
In Memory of The Paisley Family
Ino Thompson
J L Gordon 
Jack and Ricky Pasternak
James and Suzanne Hodgins
Jan Lembke
Jane Marsh
Jane (Halliley) Clapp and Family
Jane and Bill Lindsay
Jane Stock
Janet Chalmers
Janet Fisher
Janice Baker
Janet Morris
Janice Buist
Jean Smithen
Jean and Douglas Doull



Jean Poole
Jeanette Gravelle
Jerry McCaw - McCaw Holding
Jill and Jim Wales
Jim and Sue Hay
Jim and Darlene Kutyba
Jim and Margo Watt
John Bond
John and Cathy Young
John and Georgina Williams
Joan Barney
Joan and Jim Elliott
Joan Farrar
Joan Link
Joan Korpan
Joan Nelson
Joanne Smith
Joel and Sophie Racle
John Innes
John and Daphne Bartlett and Family
John and Marilyn Walker
John and MaryAnne McCharles
John Russell
John Timar
John Walker
John Woolston
John and Daphne Bartlett and Family
John and Cathy Young
Johnny and Lillian Skerratt
Judith and John MacDonald
Judith McKibbon
Judith Scott
Judith Morris
Julie Wilbur - In memory of Mary Ann Kennedy
Katherine Bowser
Karen Campbell
Karen Pasqualucci
Katharine Dalton
Kathleen Annett
Kathy and Kirk Mitchell
Katie Hurst
Keith Dew
Keith and Coral Young
Keith and Mary Williamson
Kelly Sloan
Ken Dennis
Ketchum Canada Inc.
Kim Gladwish
Kim Hart
Krall Poultry Farms Ltd.
Krystyna Stalmach
Lambton Area Industries Limited
Lambton Chapter of the APEO
Larry and Diane Lecour
Leah Klompstra
Lisa Mills
Liz Parsons and Steve Jefferies
Lola Dudley
Lucie Weet
Lucienne DeVries
Lucy Znotins
Lynne Kenneith Brogden
Lynne Stewart
M.L. Clancy
Margaret Bauer
Margaret Roushorne
Margaret Turner
Marinka Modderman
Marie and Wilfrid Coulter
Mary Frankovic
Mary Groombridge
Mary Anne Miller
Marilyn and Phil Palmer
Mary Abma
Mary-Jo Lang
Mary Knowles
Mary Wolff
Mathew Hill
Maureen Steele and Moe Steadman
Maurice Lamoureux
Michelle Vannatter
Mike Bradley
Morgan and Janna Walters
Mr. and Mrs. Blair Gillis
Ms. Joy Roberts
Murray and Jane Bouchette
Nadyne and Robert Dell
Nancy Bouterse
Nancy Callow
Nancy Leaver
Nancy Oglesby
Neil Pole
Neville Clarke (Neville / Tom C.)
Pamela Beaton
Patricia Clarke
Patricia Leach
Patricia Helen Scarrow
Patrick Beynon
Patti Sisler
Paul and Laurie Webb
Pete Gilliland
Petrolia and Enniskillen District and Agricultural Society
Phil and Judy Brown
Pierrette Campbell
Priscilla Harkins
Purdy Fisheries Limited
Ray Beggs
Regine and Dave Gudelis
Residents of Trillium Villa
Rev. Dick and Marg Hebbourn
Richard & Barbara Burton
Richard & Lynda Lewis
Richard Small
Richard Young
Rita Viscount
Robert B. Gray and Ann Gray
Robert H. Cowan
Robert and Isla Bergenhus
Robert and Margaret Sones
Robert and Marian Doyle
Robert and Betty Kartzmark
Robert Tremain
Robert and Carol Kennedy
Ron Van Horne
Ronald and Joan Brooks
Rosemary Travis
Rudy Krall
Russell Cowden
Ruth and Jim Babcock
Sara Steers and Bob Bozak
Sarnia Handweavers and Spinners Guild
Sarnia Community Foundation-
"Grogan Family Fund"
Sarnia Lambton - Canadian Federation of University Women
Scott and Lyn Munro
Sharon Stewart
Shelly Mallon
Shirley Jones
Shirley Woo
Sid Vanderwerf
Silvana Cservik
Stankiewicz and Ozburn Families
Steelmax Metal Service Centre
Stephen and Bethany Harnadek
Stephen and Pat Bolt
Sue Bendall
Susan Beynon
Susan Copley
Susan Osso
Susan Perry
Sylvia Kennedy
Tang's China House
Tania Auger
Terence and Joanne Burrell
Terry and Gayle Biehn
Thomas E. McAuley
Tim Fugard
Trudy Young
Virginia Hunt
Wayne and Cathy Smith
Wayne and Diane Rabideau
Welford Chayton
Wendy Washington
Willem Emeis
William Brennan
William and Betty Danylchuk
William and Eileen Gilroy
William and Lee Buckton
William H. Stover
Wilma McNeill
Yasmeen Majid
Ying-Li (Lily) Lu 


The list of donors to the Capital Campaign is updated bi-monthly. Every effort is made to ensure donors are acknowledged as they wish to be. In the case of an oversight, please contact Ann at the Development Office at 519-336-8127 ext. 3226 or email [email protected]